Saturday, 9 December 2017

Results from Worlington Cradle/Nursery/Novice Trial - 9th December 2017

Results from today's Cradle/Nursery/Novice trial at Worlington:

1st - Andrea Bartram with Hazel (57)
2nd - Moira Sharp with Scooby (50)
3rd - Sue Maddox with Whizz (49)
4th - Ruby Shrubsole with Fly (48)

1st - James McBride with Gus (74)
2nd - Sue Little with Tig (73)
3rd - Ed Hawkins with Jill (71T)
4th - Graham Baldry with Mo (66)
5th - Bob Wilden with Taff (55T)

1st - Richard Curtis with Tess (85)
2nd - Ed Hawkins with Jess (84)
3rd - Ed Thornalley with Baby Sweep (83 OLF)
4th - Sarah Jenkins with Gail (83)

Thank you to Gerry Foster for judging, Ed Thornalley for organising the trial, Kath Perry for course directing, those that let sheep out and took sheep off too.

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