Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Results from English National 2018

2018 English Team
1st and National Champion - Sergio Perello Galdon with Murguia Jim
2nd - James Dumbleton with Sid
3rd - Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Roy
4th - James Howard with Bill
5th - Jim Cropper with Dan
6th - David Henderson with Star
7th - Vic Morris with Bob
8th - David Bristow with Nell
9th - Toby Bulgin with Mist
10th - Jim Scrivin with Treflys Taff
11th - Mark Hallam with Upland Cap
12th - Michael Glasgow with FInn
13th - Brian Bell with Hutch
14th - Thomas Longton with Maya
15th - Ricky Hutchinson with Jock
Reserve Jackie Goulder with Chap (ROM)

England Team 2018 - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

2018 English National Champion - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

2018 England Brace Champion
Ricky Hutchinson with Denwyn Moya and Jock
Reserve Katy Cropper with Tsarvo and Zac

2018 English Brace Champion - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

Driving Champion
Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Roy

Best OLF
G T Watson with Huthwaite Roy

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