Sunday, 8 September 2019

Results from Wherstead Open/Novice Qualifying Trial - Sunday 8th September - Sponsored by Christchurch Veterinary Referrals

Results for today’s Open/Novice Qualifying Trial in Wherstead (Suffolk Food Hall) sponsored by Christchurch Veterinary Referrals:

1st - Sue Little & Tiggy (81 OLF)
2nd - James McBride & Jake (81)
3rd - Richard Curtis & Patch (79)
4th - Sarah Jenkins & Aura (78)
5th - Sander Wiemans & Bob (78)
6th - Sue Little & Jaff (78)

1st - Jerry Moloney & Floss (67 OLF)

There was a Double Gather for the top 3 dogs afterwards and the results are as follows:

1st - James McBride & Jake (112)
2nd - Richard Curtis & Patch (77)
3rd - Sue Little & Tiggy (RET)

Goody bag from our sponsor - Christchurch Veterinary Referrals
Full of goodies!

Prize for the winner of the Double Gather - donated by Christchurch Veterinary Refferals

Thank you to Christchurch Veterinary Referrals for sponsoring the trial, Bob Wilden for organising the trial, David Maree for judging, Tom Hanmer for the sheep, Kath Perry for course directing and all those that let out sheep.

The trial field - view from the top of the field

Judge & Time Keeper

The next trial is Ickworth on the 5th & 6th October, see you there!

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