Saturday, 9 November 2019

Results from Worlington Cradle Trial - Saturday 9th November 2019

Results from today’s Cradle trial in Worlington: 

1st - Ellie Street & Pip (60)
2nd - Margaret Angood & Dotty (54)
3rd - Denise Chapman & Frank (53)
4th - Niki Wilden & Todd (52)
5th - Lyndsey Knocker & Cindy (43)
6th - Jen Read & Max (39)

Thank you to Ed Thornalley for judging, organising the trial and for use of the venue and sheep, to Kath Perry for Course Directing and those that let sheep out and took sheep off.

Next Cradle Trial is 14th December at Worlington.

Tomorrow sees our first Nursery trial of this season held at the same venue - Worlington. Open dogs to run before 1030 and then Nursery/Novice dogs after. Remember you must be a Member to run in our Winter trials.

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