Saturday, 19 November 2022

Results from Heveningham Open Trial - Saturday 19th November 2022

Results from today’s Open at Heveningham:

1st : Arwyn Davies & Becca (76)

2nd: Ellie Street & Bob (62T)

3rd : Claire Neal & Alf (60.5)

4th : Ed Hawkins & Roy (51T)

5th : Harry Plant & Bonnie (51)

6th : Sue Little & Tig (50T)

29 dogs ran

Thank you to ~

🔹Lucy Hogg for organising the trial and for the delicious soup, cakes and refreshments (assisted by additional cakes from Margaret) 

🔹The Hunt family for the use of the venue

🔹David Hull for the use of the sheep

🔹Caileigh Eddie for judging

🔹Kath Perry for course directing

🔹Paul Godbold, Sean and all those that let sheep out

🔹those that helped take sheep off

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