Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Results from Wherstead Open/Novice Trial - 16th September 2017


1st - Toby Bulgin with Mist (94)
2nd - Ed Hawkins with Gipping Valley Troy (93)
3rd - Bob Powell with Mirk (89 OLF)
4th - Mark Banham with Robbie (89)
5th - Graham Baldry with Finn (88)
6th - Sue Little with Buddy (87)


1st - Sarah Jenkins with Bess (82)
2nd - Jerry Moloney with Floss (81)
3rd - Keith Addington with Meg (80)
4th - Ed Thornalley with Baby Sweep (79)

Thank you to Bob Wilden and Niki Wilden for organising, Fred Chapman for judging, Denise Chapman for time keeping, Meg Wilson for course directing and to those who let out and took off sheep!

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