Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Results from Wherstead Open/Novice Trial - 17th September 2017


1st - Ed Hawkins with Gipping Valley Troy (94)
2nd - Toby Bulgin with Mist (89 OLF)
3rd - Ed Hawkins with Max (89)
4th - Mark Banham with Rob (88)
5th - Ed Thornalley with Juke (86)
6th - Graham Baldry with Finn (83)


1st - Ed Thornalley with Baby Sweep (72T)
2nd - Jamie Gregory with Bob (71)
3rd - Bob Wilden with Sam (66)
4th - Graham Baldry with Sid (56T)

Thank you to Bob Wilden and Niki Wilden for organising the trial, Fred Chapman for judging, Denise Chapman for time keeping, Grace Baldry-Roberts for course directing and to everybody that took sheep off and let out.

Top 6 handlers qualify for Double Gather in the afternoon - Ed Hawkins, Toby Bulgin, Mark Banham, Ed Thornalley, Graham Baldry & Jamie Gregory.

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