Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Results from English National 2018

2018 English Team
1st and National Champion - Sergio Perello Galdon with Murguia Jim
2nd - James Dumbleton with Sid
3rd - Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Roy
4th - James Howard with Bill
5th - Jim Cropper with Dan
6th - David Henderson with Star
7th - Vic Morris with Bob
8th - David Bristow with Nell
9th - Toby Bulgin with Mist
10th - Jim Scrivin with Treflys Taff
11th - Mark Hallam with Upland Cap
12th - Michael Glasgow with FInn
13th - Brian Bell with Hutch
14th - Thomas Longton with Maya
15th - Ricky Hutchinson with Jock
Reserve Jackie Goulder with Chap (ROM)

England Team 2018 - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

2018 English National Champion - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

2018 England Brace Champion
Ricky Hutchinson with Denwyn Moya and Jock
Reserve Katy Cropper with Tsarvo and Zac

2018 English Brace Champion - Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

Driving Champion
Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Roy

Best OLF
G T Watson with Huthwaite Roy

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Results from Dalham Open/Novice Trial - Sunday 8th July 2018

Results from today's trial at Dalham:

1st - Ed Thornalley & Nasher (91)
2nd - Claire Neal & Advengers Dexter (89)
3rd - Bob Powell & Mirk (84)
4th - Richard Curtis & Patch (82OLF)
5th - Sue Little & Tig (82)
6th - Nij Vyas & Cody (80)

1st - Denise Chapman & Braehead Sid (67T)
2nd - Richard Little & Lenka (66)
3rd - Val Powell & Bet (62)
4th - Gill Bharakhda & Willow (53)

Thank you to Toby Bulgin for organising the trial, Dan Phipps and Liam O'Rourke for providing the sheep and venue, Fred Chapman for judging, Denise Chapman for Course Directing and everybody that let out sheep!

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